Professional Training

Protective Behaviours WA is WA’s leading prevention education  organisation providing  a range of specialised training packages and services to protect children; to inform service providers  about how they can keep children safe and to help children deal more effectively with the issues of abuse and personal safety.

Our teducational workshops for professionals have been designed to teach service providers both Government and Non-Government organizations including:

Schools,  Education Services , Early Childhood Services, Police, Department for Child Protection, Department for Communities,  Residential Care Workers, Women's Service/Refuges, Health Professionals, Disability Services, Corrective Services, Domestic Violence Services, Youth Services and Outreach,  and various other community based groups.

Customised educational workshops can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your staff, students or client groups.

The various workshops we offer include:

  • The Protective Behaviours program (including practical applications of the program) professional development provided for half day refresher, full one day or two days depending on your requirements
  • Child Protection : Child abuse and neglect (2.5 hours) for child care professionals
  • Teaching "The Teenagers Guide to Personal Safety" workshop for professionals/ secondary schools  (6 hours) 
  • Cyber safety parent workshop (2.5 hours)
  • Cyber safety and teenagers guide to personal safety (year 8 - year 12) 
  • Parent workshops (2 hours run either in-house, hosted by your organisation or held at our office once a month)
  • Classroom sessions (all year groups)
  • Children's group workshops (holiday program - 3 hours)

For information on the Parent Workshops please refer to the Parent Information page.

Professional Training


We provide two day Certified Foundations Inter-Agency educational workshops throughout the year and we also offer customized training workshops that can be held at a venue of your choosing at a time and date suitable to your target group.

Our next Certified Foundations Interagency Workshop is being held for: 

Teachers/Child Care Workers/Youth Workers/Health Care/Social Workers/Residential Care Workers - professionals working with or interested in working with children and young people.


Certified Foundations Workshop (2 days)

TIME: 9.00am - 4.00pm

COST:  $500 (+GST) 


             1st and 2nd November 2017

to be held at ASCOT KAYAK CLUB, Fauntleroy Avenue, Ascot

For further info please email our Education Co-ordinator :

Telephone: 0459 602 797

Professional Training



TIME: 6.30PM - 8.30PM

VENUE: 51 Anketell Street, Kensington

COST:  $60.00 per ticket

The Protective Behaviours Parent Workshops have been designed to  provide parents and caregivers the opportunity to participate in a workshop  that is child focused and relevant to parenting in the modern age.

Whilst the task of preventing child abuse appears daunting for most parents - teaching the Protective Behaviours Program is a simple but effective way of helping children develop protective strategies.

Parent Information

In order to work towards preventing children becoming victims of abuse particularly sexual abuse it is important to educate children on their rights to personal safety and the way we do this is by teaching children the following:

As a safety program Protective Behaviours provides children with strategies to keep themselves safe and cope with situations which threaten their well being, specifically in areas of child abuse and bullying.  The program in essence empowers the individual with the right to feel safe and sets out ways in which they can gain appropriate help when they are not feeling safe.


  • To provide parents and caregivers  with a thorough knowledge of the content, themes, core concepts and strategies of the Protective Behaviours Program.
  • To develop problem solving and assertiveness skills in children.
  • To educate parents  and caregivers in the issues of abuse and abuse prevention.
  • To assist participants in presenting the program in a manner whereby the process is congruent with the program content.
  • To provide parents and caregivers with simple practical teaching activities designed to increase their child’s/children’s personal safety.

Further to the Parent Workshops Protective Behaviours WA offers an array of teaching materials designed to teach children the Protective Behaviours Program in a way that is engaging and fun to children 0 – 18 years of age.  

For more information on the teaching aids please refer to the Resources page.

EDUCATION SESSIONS (One-To-One) Direct Support for Families and Children

Protective Behaviours WA  was originally established in 1992 as a training organisation providing quality professional training workshops to service providers and teachers however due to the high demand for services direct to the client our services now extend to helping children and their families affected by child abuse in particular child sexual abuse and to support the  families who are also affected.

The Protective Behaviours One to One educational sessions create the opportunity for awareness, understanding and education on child protection and child safety issues giving children the knowledge and skills to deal more effectively with unsafe and or abusive situations they may find themselves in. Research shows that the program is an effective tool in the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Education session objectives :

  • To provide children, parents , carers and their family with a knowledge of the content, themes, core concepts and strategies of the Protective Behaviours program.
  • To provide children, parents , carers and their family with simple, practical teaching activities designed to increase individuals  personal safety which in turn aims to prevent the incidence of child abuse and or the re- occurrence of abuse that may have already been perpetrated against the child/children.
  • To develop problem solving and assertiveness skills in children and  their families.
  • To educate adults and caregivers in the issues of abuse and abuse prevention.

Education sessions can include other siblings and will incorporate parent/carer information.  By providing a service that is both professional and responsive to individual needs we are able to facilitate the sessions  in a meaningful and responsive manner.

Our professional team of trainers can either present the information in the comfort of the child’s home or alternatively at our training room which located in Kensington.  Liaison between the trainer and the parent/carer and or case manager will take place prior to the session(s) commencement to determine the number of sessions required. This in turn will maximise the child's learning capacity and effectiveness of the information being presented.

The increase in demand for this service is continuing to rise however Protective Behaviours WA offers appointments for sessions to individuals, couples and families.

To contact our Training Co-ordinator please email: