Closure of Protective Behaviours WA

It is with heavy hearts, and with great difficulty, that we need to announce that Protective Behaviours WA has closed. After much deliberation and hardship, the members of the PBWA Board recently made the very difficult decision to close Protective Behaviours WA. This hard decision was not made lightly, and is a troubling reflection of the current social services climate where much needed but small not-for-profit organisations face high vulnerability on a daily basis. This decision was not made easily or quickly, and was not made without all Board members, staff and volunteers exhausting every possible option.

There was a combination of significant issues that were unable to be overcome and made a large part of the decision to close.
1 - The organisation incurred a very large and very unexpected debt as a result of historical Inadequate contracts.
2 - Due to the decreasing availability of funding, and the increasing competition to secure it - funding the organisation was difficult and PBWA was left financially vulnerable and potential insolvency was looming.
3 - these two issues combined with a lack of being able to offer security for staff and the consequently huge work load left to volunteers made the sustainability of the organisation untenable.
We put our heart and souls into PBWA and we are devastated to need to make this announcement.

We at PBWA still believe strongly in the “real PBs”. Protective Behaviours is empowering, is inclusive, is safe and is for everyone. We prided ourselves as the leaders in Protective Behaviours, working closely with the original founders and as part of both the National and International bodies. We regret closing at such a difficult time when there is still much support and leadership needed in this field, for both comprehensive training of practitioners and for those trying to find skilled trainers. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe, even when engaging in Protective Behaviours, so please contact our national body: Protective Behaviours Australia or the registration board for practitioners: Association of Professional Protective Behaviours Practitioners for guidance and support to find skilled, knowledgeable and empowering Certified Protective Behaviour Practitioners in your area.

Again thank you
Yours in safety

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